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Birding news

Thursday Morning Bird Ramble for more information, click on contact me 

October through May. I am working with nesting shorebirds in the summer, so no rambles

The Bird Ramble is three hours of learning about the birds on Jekyll Island.

We meet a 9 a.m. on most Thursday Mornings. Please make reservations

$40 a person.

Knots and terns.jpg
2020 8-3 ROTE.jpg

Eastern Pheobe 

Wood Storks and spoonbills

Will do small birding outings. 

2021 2-25 Judy having fun.JPG
2020 COYE 2.jpg

Common Yellowthroat

2020 7-27 Baby Wilson's.jpg

fledgling Wilson's Plover, Note its fuzzy tail. It can fly. It is around

4 to 5 weeks old.

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