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For now, the rambles are on hold until we get through this virus. Hang in there, folks. 

In the meantime, we are helping Wilson's Plovers nest. We are waiting to see if the Least Terns arrive. 

It is spring and the summer birds are coming back. Kites, Kingbirds, and fancy terns are back. For me, I am excited about the nesting shorebirds, Wilson's plovers, American Oystercatchers, and Eastern Willets. Willets are flying around calling. I wrote a one-line poem a long time ago.

"Silly Willet sitting on the wire, 

Acting like a songbird for a while."


Everyone is back. They are nesting and it is time to watch over them. 

Last week the Least Terns returned to Gould's Inlet. For years I studied Wilson's Plovers.. Least Terns are a new one to study. It is exciting to see what there is to learn about these tiny terns. 

Adult Least Tern with chick

Fledged Least Tern on sign

Least Tern chick about 2 weeks old