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Tradational Etchings 

The process is labor intensive. Here a brief description. Etchings are created on metal plates. I use 16 gaze zinc plates. The plate is coated with a waxy acid resist ground.  Taking a sharp drawing tool, I draw the image on the plate removing the ground. The plate is then placed in nitric acid. The acid bites the exposed lines. The Dutch word for bite is etch. The plate is ready to print. Printing an etching is called editioning. The 100% rag paper is soaked. The plate is inked and put on an etching press bed. The paper is placed over the plate. It is run through the press.  An etching image is created. Here are  a few of my etchings,

GA on My Mind
11 x14 matted
2.5 x 2.5 image
7x 5.5 image
In Good Company
2 x 4 image
Piping Plover
3.5 X 3
And Away We Go  
21 x 9 image     $250
Black & White Warbler
18 x 16 matted  $150
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