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Printmaking is changing. It is called Green Printmaking. Here are a few examples of drypoints. This process is drawing with a sharp tool into a plexiglass plate, then inking with Akua inks. This process is better for the environment and the artist. Exploring this method of printmaking has been exciting.

Here's Looking at You,

Least Tern.

Matted 8 x10 inches        $35.

Stunning Cardinal

Matted 9x12   $35

Tapping Your Toes  Black-belly Plover 

Matted 11x14  $40 Printed on white paper 




Proof of new Drypoint  Inquiring Minds 

colorful Pondering.jpg

Pondering is a Drypoint 

Making Waves 1.jpg
3 American Oystercatch 1.jpg

3 American Oystercatcher Drypoint 

Waves drypoint 

Pondering 3-50.jpg
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