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golden Matters of the Heart 2.jpg

Matters of the heart



10"x 28"

At Art Trends Gallery

A monotype is an original print that goes beyond a tradition etching. I explore natural elements in two and three dimensions using of the etching press.


I view these pieces as stretching the original print to achieve the multi-dimensions of texture and depth that exemplify my perception of nature.  The idea is to combine natural elements such as leaves, I have found with an inked, or drawn images on Plexiglas then use my French Tool Press to create the artwork on 100% rag paper.  The majority of the monotype is built on the etching press.


My new monotype is titled Connections. It is the first of three monotypes. Look for the other two in a couple of months

2020 Connections with nature.JPG

   Connections with nature

S350 Framed


at Art Trends Gallery

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