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Bird Art at Coastfest 2019

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Coastfest is a big all-day party celebrating the Georgia Coast. The Georgia Department of Natural Resource, Coastal Division, puts this festival on for the public to see the work that is going on this coast. To see what Coastal Georgia Audubon has done in the past visit:

This year our Audubon Society is giving two awards for bird art at Coastfest. Each artists received a set of watercolor pencils and a sketch book. We hope they continue studing our coastal birds through art.

The judging of this art fell in my lap. Let me tell you, this is not an easy task. This year's theme of Coastfest is the interconnected habitats.

I group the art into two parts. Middle School, High School, and Elementry School.

There wasn't much of the Middle School and High School division. I chose this piece because the student chooses a baby tern and what this tern will face as it grows. The tern is hand-drawn then she adds sand and plastics.

This is the Elementary School piece. It shows that birds and turtle and fish all live in the same area. this 5th grader did a fantastic job showing this


There was some good bird art at the Coastfest Art Show. These are a few images.

There was one piece of bird art that whole over all First Place. It is a stunning drawing by a 12th grader. Take a look

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