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A Beautiful Morning to Count Birds in my Backyard

It is not a typical winter. For me, it is just right. I can wear my favorite sweater and I am good. So when the day dawned

warm and sunny, I was suprised. Every year, our Coastal Georgia Audubon Society gets together to count birds for the Great Backyard Bird Count on Jekyll Island, my backyard. We do this on Sunday because one of the bridges is closed for a big bridge run and half the county can not come.

We met in front of the Morgan

Center, part of the Jekyll Island Club Resort. There were 15 to 17 people show up. The warblers also showed up. Before we could do anything we had two Black and White Warblers in the oak tree beside us. The group, then walked over to the Club Hotel's bottle

bushes. The Cape May female showed up to be counted. This was a good start to a wonderful day. We divided into 3 teams, Off we go.

At the end of the morning, the three teams had 68 species.

Here is the list --

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