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First the beaches were closed 20 minutes later the beaches were opened.

Around the middle of March, the Glynn County Commissioners closed the beaches. You see, it was spring break and there were crowds on the beach. It made sense because no one was listening to the warning of this Covid-19.

I work at the Jekyll Island Guest Information Center on the weekends. This job get me in touch with birders who are traveling through out area. There is a lot of habitat and the birds can be spread out. It takes getting to know where and when to look for birds on the Georgia Coast. Anyway, on April 3, I was telling callers the beachers are closed. I closed up shop and headed home. Twenty minutes later, Governor Kemp order a Shelter in Place direction. It sounds good, but what it did was undo the Shelter in Place that the county commissioner had put into place. This new direction opened up the beach to exercise. This meant people were going to the beach where the birds were nesting. Dr. Abby Sterling and I had to scramble to rope off the area. We did it. and the birds are nesting.

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