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Yea! March is here

March is one of my favorite months of the year. It is warming up, but not too hot yet. And the birds are moving through, and some of my summer birds are coming back. My special winter birds are getting restless and starting to sing.

March the fourth, I met Lucas and Molly from Michigan. They are new to birding and soon to have a little one to mentor into birding. We do know when we looked at the Hermit Thrush, the little one kicked.

They had several life birds for the morning. The Amphitheater area was alive with warblers. Northern Parulas have arrived and singing their territory boundary. White-eyed Vireo joined in the noise. March is also Blue-gray Gnatcatcher time. These loose-tailed athletes are hanging upside down, fluttering out and back into the leaves. They are on the ground, in the top trees, and in the middle of the trees. They are everywhere. What a treat!

The pond had spoonbills, ibis, and heron. Look at this Anhinga!

Yes, March is here. Let’s enjoy it!

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